How to set-up the daily reminder option?

Introducing Goldie's New "Daily Reminder" Feature: Never Miss a Customer Message Again!

Are you struggling to keep up with sending messages to your customers? Do you often forget to send important updates, appointment reminders, or follow-up messages? No more! Goldie is proud to announce its latest feature - the "Daily Reminder."

Making Messages Clear and User-Friendly

At Goldie, our mission has always been to enhance your business experience and make it more seamless. We observed that many users were sending messages through various methods, with some opting for the pop-up " It's time to send a message," While this method worked for many, we saw an opportunity to create a more efficient and organized way of sending messages.

With our latest feature, the "Daily Reminder," we aim to shift user behavior towards using the Messages screen more effectively. By introducing a daily reminder, we can notify users at a set time to send their messages all at once, saving time and effort.

How Does the "Daily Reminder" Work?

The "Daily Reminder" will be available for users on the manual sending method. Once enabled, it will remind you every day at a specific time to send your messages. You can adjust the reminder time to suit your preferences, ensuring that it aligns with your daily routine.

To set up the "Daily Reminder," simply follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu in the Goldie app.
  2. Navigate to App notifications, and you'll find the new setting related to messages.
  3. Turn on the "Daily Reminder" option and select your preferred reminder time (default time is 8:30 AM).

Improved Messages Screen Design for a Better Experience

Along with the "Daily Reminder," we are also revamping the Messages screen to make it more user-friendly. The redesigned Messages screen will feature three tabs: Past, Today, and Future, focusing on the messages scheduled for today. 

This new layout will make it easier for you to stay organized and prioritize your customer communications effectively. The key features of the Messages screen redesign include:

Messages will be split by sending time in three tabs: Past | Today | Future. 

The screen will display 7 days in the past and 7 days in the future, emphasizing today's scheduled messages. Empty states will be shown for the Past and Future tabs when there are no messages scheduled. When swiping between Future and Past tabs, the date title will be sticky until the next date appears. Tapping on message status will function just like in Appointment details.

Get ready to elevate your customer service and communication to new heights with Goldie's "Daily Reminder." Embrace this opportunity for improved efficiency, better organization, and increased customer satisfaction. Don't wait any longer; upgrade to the latest version of Goldie and start using the "Daily Reminder" today!

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