Can I add personal events or block off time on the calendar?

You can block off times in your Goldie calendar (for example, when you’re on vacation/holiday) by creating a Time Off block or a Personal event. Both calendar blocks prevent customers from being able to schedule appointments with you.

It’s as easy to add Time Off block or a Personal event to your calendar - just take the following steps:

  1. Open Goldie (and ensure you are logged into your account)

  2. Long press on the calendar and select “Time off” / ”Personal event” from the menu that appears, OR tap the “+” button from the bottom right of the screen and select the “Time Off” / “Personal event” from the list



  3. Adjust the timing and other characteristics of your blocked time (as needed)


To delete a Time Off or Personal event block, simply tap it in your calendar and then tap “Delete” at the bottom of the following screen.

The only difference between Time Off blocks and Personal events is the level of detail.  Personal events let you enter more details (including repeats, notes, and locations), whereas you can only change the title/name of Time Off blocks.

Note: Time Off / Personal event blocks for Goldie Team Subscribers (with Staff):

  • For Team accounts that have multiple users, Goldie will allow you to select a specific Staff Member's calendar that the Time Off block is for

    • Alternatively, you can create a Time Off block for the whole company

  • On the Time Off block screen (found after taking step 1 above), you will see a new field where you can select the person/calendar

    • Also on that screen is a toggle to add the “Time off for the whole business”, which will create a Time Off block on the calendars of all users on the Team account.  Each user can edit or delete the Time Off block themselves once it has been created

      • When the whole business option is selected, the person/staff member selection field disappears

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